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Eric Owns 171 Timeshares
Now he wants number 172. Red flag?

Timeshare #172

Maybe. Due diligence is required for HOA's, Transfer Companies, Brokers and Resorts before accepting a timeshare transfer request.

Avoid delinquencies, expensive re-recordings and foreclosures

Protect Your Interests!

For the cost of an average annual maintenance fee*

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  • Number of Reported Timeshares
  • Reported Delinquencies
  • Reported Foreclosures
  • Recent Inquiries
  • Recent Transactions

If you aren't doing anything,
what are you doing?

* as reported by ARDA

Get unlimited access to Sharket's massive database for up to the minute printable reports on individuals and companies who already acquired 5 or more timeshares. Don't wait for others to self report foreclosures and excessive inventory accumulations - you may be too late!

What do these reports do for you?

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A must read for timeshare transfer companies, HOA's, brokers, agents and developers

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