Dirty Deeds…Done Dirt Cheap?

Summary Timeshare deeds often contain wording indicating "$10" This amount satisfies a contract law provision and is typically not indicative of sales price The two concepts should not be confused We receive quite a few questions and comments from members regarding our reporting of “$10.00” transactions. Since some resorts have a significant number of $10.00 transactions, many people … [Read more...]

Saleability Score™ and Resort Rank Methodology

  Sharket Saleability Score™ Lack of liquidity is frequently described as one of the major challenges for the timeshare resale market. While in this market the term “liquidity” is often used synonymously with the ability to simply “get out” of a timeshare, a more appropriate term would be saleability. Saleability means something is capable of being sold. The inability to accurately predict the … [Read more...]

Sharket Timeshare Market Research Methodology

1.      Introduction 2.      Acquiring Timeshare Resale Data a.      Publicly Available Sources of Timeshare Data i.     County Data ii.     How we use county data iii.     Issues with County data b.      Timeshare Broker Sales Data i.     Characteristics of Broker data ii.     How we use broker data iii.     Issues with broker data c.      Online Auction Timeshare … [Read more...]