The Fact That We Are Reporting Over Half A Billion Dollars of Actual Timeshare Resale is Significant. Here’s Why:

We have crossed over the $500,000,000 threshold.  While we continue adding to this total each day, it is pretty amazing that we have sorted through hundreds of thousands of sales to track and document over half a billion dollars of actual timeshare resale transactions.  This aggregation of timeshare market data has never been done before and it is important because these large numbers provide … [Read more...]

Is A Timeshare An Investment?

The answer to this question seems so obvious to me (YES!) but apparently it is a question everyone keeps asking.  Google has over half a million results to this query but I wonder how this even became a question in the first place.  I imagine the rumor was started long ago by a timeshare salesman talking about deeds and manipulating the numbers to show a ROI that would make any CFO jealous.  I … [Read more...]

This Is The Most Important Thing About Your Timeshare

Absolutely the most important thing to know before you purchase a timeshare isn't if it's a platinum season week or how many points you get or if you can use it over Christmas during week 51 or 52.  It isn't how much the maintenance fee is each year or if it is a red week. While all these come to mind and all are important, they are not the first thing you should research. Simply put, the single … [Read more...]

How Does Sharket Help Sales Agents, Title Companies, Resort Developers and HOA’s?

How Does Sharket Help Sales Agents, Title Companies, Resort Developers and HOA’s? Today, more than seven million families own a timeshare at about 1,500 U.S. vacation ownership resorts. While developer sales are flourishing, there has been a total lack of data regarding the timeshare’s actual value. If you are in the business of timeshare you know better than anyone that not all timeshare … [Read more...]

Our Hope

Can you imagine a half a billion dollar a year industry where no one knew what anything was worth? Buyers and sellers could only find data on other unsold products.  Devoid of information the public was susceptible to fraud, vilifying a crucial market.  This was the timeshare resale market. What is my timeshare worth? How can I sell my timeshare? How do I buy a resale timeshare? How can I … [Read more...]