Saleability Score™ and Resort Rank Methodology


Sharket Saleability Score™

Lack of liquidity is frequently described as one of the major challenges for the timeshare resale market. While in this market the term “liquidity” is often used synonymously with the ability to simply “get out” of a timeshare, a more appropriate term would be saleability. Saleability means something is capable of being sold. The inability to accurately predict the amount and the speed of a timeshare resale at any given resort makes it difficult to make buying and selling decisions. Our research uncovered saleability varied widely from resort to resort. This finding led us to develop the Saleability Score™.

The Saleability Score™ is intended to measure, as accurately as possible, the current saleability of a typical timeshare interest at specific timeshare resort. This score measures the liquidity and marketability of each resort based on actual sales data samples within a specified timeframe. This data is quantified on a 0-10 scale where 10 represents a timeshare resort where a typical timeshare interest could be expected to sell quickly and for a higher than average price.

Liquidity is the term used to describe how easily an asset converts to cash. If a particular timeshare can be sold for $10,000 it is liquid. A higher typical sales price also implies the initial offer price of a given listing can be used as a lever to accelerate a successful sale.   It is reasonable to assume that dropping the price of a timeshare offered for sale would bring in offers to purchase more quickly. Since liquidity implies the value of the asset is somewhat preserved, if a timeshare is only typically selling for $1 is it really liquid? We do not believe that to be a liquid asset.

Marketability is the ability of an asset to be transacted. Is there sufficient volume to suggest a buyer and seller can be found reasonably quickly? If the same timeshare that sold for $1 was one of 300 to sell for that price over the last 12 months we could assume the timeshare is marketable.

Both liquidity and marketability are important to the timeshare resale market. Typically a seller would want the highest price in the shortest amount of time. Our index incorporates both in the following equation:


Liquidity is scored from 0-5 based on the actual typical resale price reported for a specific timeshare resort during the specified period using the following ranges:

Typical Resale Price Score
$5000+ 5
$4000-$4999 4
$3000-$3999 3
$2000-$2999 2
$1000-$1999 1
$999 or lower 0


Marketability is scored from 0-5 based on the number of reported resales during the specified period using the following ranges:

Number Of Resales Score
200+ 5
100-199 4
50-99 3
12-49 2
1-11 1
0 or no data 0



Green Score

Scores of 8, 9 and 10 are displayed in a green circle to represent timeshare interests at these resorts are generally quite saleable. Based on our data, this group represents only about 5% of reporting timeshare resorts. Timeshare resorts with these scores are often “broker level” meaning a real estate agent or broker typically is available to facilitate the sale because there is a sufficient amount transacted so as to generate a commission.


Yellow Score

Scores of 5, 6 and 7 are displayed in yellow to represent timeshare interests at these resorts are typically transacted but for either a low dollar figure or where there is low transaction volume or both.


Red Score

Scores of 4, 3, 2 and 1 are displayed in red to represent timeshare interests at these resorts are generally quite difficult to transact or we have very limited reliable data. Typically there is an insignificant resale price and very little reported volume.


Black Score

Scores of 0 are displayed in black to represent no positive sales are reported during the specified period or we do not have any data to report.


Sharket Resort Rank

A numerical ranking of the individual timeshare resorts based on saleability was created to further refine and optimize the output. How popular (based on sales volume) is each resort within its Saleability Score™ group? The intent of the ranking is to numerically assign a value to each reporting timeshare resort based on its Saleability Score™ then sorted by its total sales volume. For example the #1 rank would be assigned to the timeshare resort with the highest reported sales volume within the group of resorts boasting a Saleability Score™ of 10. Timeshare resorts with a lower Resort Rank are higher on saleability than resorts with a higher rank. Timeshare resorts are currently ranked from 1 (Best) to +-1500 (Worst). Over time we will update the ranking based on the latest data.


Expert Judgement

Use of Expert Judgement within the scope of this methodology may be employed with discretion in order to accurately enhance the data. Expert Judgement may include but is not limited to extrapolating data from prior transactions, aggregating data such as the aggregation of homogenous points based resorts with no “home resort” benefits, excluding data such as but not limited to developer or corporate holdings.

Data Sources

To find out more about how we collect and manage the data please see our Sharket Timeshare Market Research Methodology here.

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