9 Quick Reasons Your Timeshare Failed To Sell

So you decided to sell your timeshare. Maybe the kids are grown, maybe you aren’t travelling to that resort as much anymore, or maybe it just seemed like it was time. So you figured on a selling price, you listed it on an auction site or with a timeshare resale marketing company, and then…. Nothing. Not a bite. Not an inquiry.

Maybe it’s been a month, maybe a year, maybe more, but your timeshare has failed to sell. Why? You enjoyed your time there, surely someone is interested? There are many reasons why timeshare owners fail to sell their timeshares, and some may surprise you. We’ve listed 9 of the most common below. Did you make any of these mistakes?


Reason #1: Your sales price was based on other unsold timeshares. This is the blind leading the blind. Why? The price of someone else’s unsold timeshare doesn’t matter. You want to find out the price range other buyers have ACTUALLY paid for a timeshare similar to yours.

Reason #2: You banked the next year. You want someone to pay you for your timeshare and not even get to enjoy it for 18 months? That’s probably not going to happen.

Reason #3: You didn’t use a licensed real estate agent that specializes in timeshare. While this does not apply to everyone, if your timeshare’s Saleability Score™ is an 8, 9 or 10 you are in luck! Typically a licensed real estate agent can help you sell from the initial listing to contracts to a check in your hand!

Reason #4: You priced your timeshare based on what you originally paid. Take some advice from Disney’s Elsa from Frozen and just…let it go…let it go! What you paid the developer typically has no correlation to resale value.

Reason #5: You forgot about closing costs. A lot of offers never make it to closing because the transfer of a timeshare can be expensive! Don’t forget about the title work, resort transfer fee, prepaid items and other fees. Offering to pay these for your buyer helps set your listing apart!

Reason #6: You didn’t make a reservation. A great reservation for any prospective buyer can really help set your listing apart. Often the reservation is worth more than the week! Think ahead and book a desirable week and make it available to your buyer.

Reason #7: You paid for an expensive ad to list your timeshare because the website was ranked #1. Sure the website may be ranked #1 but what is your listing page ranked? How does your listing stand out from the thousands of others?

Reason #8: You forgot about what makes your timeshare unique. Is it an ocean front? Lock-off? Prime Holiday Week? Can you book a desired resort before others? Not all timeshare is the same and prices vary widely even within the same resort.

Reason #9: You think your timeshare is worth more than it really is. It can be difficult for sellers to understand the reality of the resale market. Most sellers price their timeshare many, many times above what buyers are actually willing to pay. Keep an open mind, get educated on actual sales activity, and if you still decide to sell, price your timeshare accordingly.