So You Want To Sell Your Timeshare…What Bucket Are You?

sell   /sel/   verb

1. give or hand over (something) in exchange for money.

We receive tons of emails from timeshare owners who are looking to sell their timeshare, but often we are left wondering what they mean. Are they are expecting to sell the property for thousands of dollars?  Do they just want out of the timeshare?  Are they hoping the sale will pay off a mortgage balance?  Obviously everyone wants to sell their timeshare for the most possible money but how realistic are their expectations?

If a timeshare owner is selling their property are they always assuming a positive exchange of money?

Timeshare owners fall into one of these three different “buckets” when they contact us regarding selling their ownership:


Not all timeshare properties and programs are created equal.  Some are fantastic and generate quite a bit of secondary market demand; others…not so much.  One of the reasons we created the Saleability Score was to give owners a glance on how easy it is to transact their property given the typical price.  Often the typical price is less than the cost to transfer the ownership!  Indeed, for many timeshare owners a “sale” means they have to pay to “sell” their ownership!  If your Saleability Score is a 2, your typical price is $10 and you find yourself in bucket 3…a sale is unlikely.

Although we provide actual resale data and typical prices along with the Saleability Score, we often spend quite a bit of our resources managing the expectations of timeshare sellers.  The reality is, a tremendous percentage of timeshare properties that are “sold” result in no real money to a seller.  This data is difficult for some owners to accept.  Unfortunately, this makes those owners vulnerable to paying substantial upfront fees for various “services” in the faint hope they will have the opportunity to sell at an inflated price.

Not long ago we created an infographic illustrating how to sell your timeshare.  It starts with research.  Once you have the facts you can then decide if it is even worth it for you to sell.  Often you will get more value using your ownership than trying to sell.

If lifestyle, finances or other changes have you committed to selling, make sure you are choosing the right bucket based on the resale data.  Contact us when you are ready to sell.  If the Saleability Score of your timeshare is a 10, 9 or 8 we will set you up with an independent licensed resale agent who will handle the sale from listing to contracts.  If your timeshare isn’t an 10, 9 or 8 don’t worry, we have programs for you too!